What we do

... and we develop customized software solutions - No matter if you are a small startup, a medium-sized company or a large enterprise. We will help and support your project.

We are a digital agency


We develop web apps / webshops and software of any kind. We prefer high performance (React.JS) driven software. The software has to serve the people and not the other way around!

Particularly experts in these areas:

  • React JS
  • TypeScript
  • Gatsby JS
  • AWS / NodeJS
  • Microfrontends
  • JavaScript ES6 - ES 2021
  • Material UI / Styled Components


Our experience has shown that many projects and companies first need to work out which software / workflow or product is best for them. It rarely goes directly into coding, but every project needs its specific requirements. During these steps we are happy to be there.


Smooth processes? Software that works consistently and integrates easily on all devices and systems? Many companies waste a lot of time and money due to processes that are not right/are inefficient. Optimization of software and processes is one of our three basic pillars
CodeLax Software Development

Software Development / Apps / Web Apps / IoT - Systems

CodeLax Digitalization and Business Development

Digitalization and Business Development

CodeLax Concept & Design

Concept & Design

CodeLax Process optimization

Process optimization

Start-up-Hub - Prototyping and Consulting

Start-up - Hub - Prototyping and Consulting

CodeLax Trainings-Code reviews-Architecture and education courses

Trainings / Code reviews / Architecture and education courses

How we work

Agile? Of course... just like in every company and in every project ;) - But let's be honest, so far only a few companies have managed to be really agile. We have been using this system internally for a long time and it works, provided that the requirements have been decomposed and estimated accordingly beforehand. This has not always been an easy task in our previous projects. However, it is our approach and experience that complex software is not something that can be planned many months in advance. The development must run through several stages - and be adapted.

How we work
CodeLax Compile and disassemble all information

Compile and disassemble all information

This is the most important step, as everything that is needed is collected, broken down, prioritized and defined into tasks in collaboration with the customer. Anything that does not create direct added value is discarded.
CodeLax Consult and take first steps

Consult and take first steps

Frequently, there is not a need to rebuild everything. A software landscape already exists, or there are still things that need to be discussed. We do this in this step
CodeLax Design and development

Design and development

After the tasks are broken down, the screens are designed and reviewed. Then it goes into development. We will continue to listen to our customers and ask for their feedback.
CodeLax Iteration and feedback

Iteration and feedback

Plans can change, so can requirements - As discussed in the previous steps, we incorporate continuous feedback into our work and revise previous steps. The goal is to iterate as fast as possible and stay as agile as possible

Customers who trust us

our clients

We are a tight-knit team of professionals based in Hamburg and freelancers around the globe. As a founder and developer, I myself have been working professionally in IT for over 12 years and have already worked for many well-known companies and clients. Working together, we enjoy implementing your project with high dynamics and the highest quality standards.

Group of Developers at Codelax

We are CodeLax

Karl von Bonin Founder & Senior Developer of Codelax

Karl von Bonin

Founder & Senior Developer



Simply write us an email, via Xing or LinkedIn to. We will get back to you as soon as possible!